Join the next cohort of Digital Leaders to develop your digital skills and learn techniques to pass on to others.

We are looking for Digital Leaders to grow the digital skills and awareness of the Coventry University community by designing projects that empower others to develop their digital competencies. Receive mentorship and training through the Digital Leaders programme to develop your digital competencies and leadership skills. You don’t need to have prior technical knowledge to join the programme as the training and mentorship provided will support you to develop the skills you need to become a Digital Leader.

The Digital Leaders programme is open to first and second year undergraduate students at Coventry University.

Call to register interest in joining Digital Leaders is open until 20th September 2019 23:59pm GMT.


By becoming a Digital Leader you will:

  • Increase your digital skills and awareness of different technologies
  • Learn to plan and create workshop content and materials
  • Facilitate the digital skills development of Coventry University students
  • Earn digital credential to show skills to employers

The Digital Leaders initiative aims to provide opportunities for students to develop digital competences and leadership skills through peer-supported learning and student-led activities.


Through the Digital Leaders programme you will be provided three hours of training covering the following topics:

  • Web Literacy and supporting a healthy internet
  • Coventry.Domains and developing your online presence
  • Wikimedia: understanding the role of open knowledge and how to become a wikimedia contributor

These training sessions will empower you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to plan and create your own workshop content. You will be shown a range of learning resources available to you as a student at Coventry University including LinkedIn Learning. You will then receive mentoring to plan and deliver a workshop to share your skills and knowledge with peers.

Registration of Interest

Would you like to develop new digital skills and help others to do so at the same time? If you are interested in applying to become a Digital Leader you will need to register your interest to attend the Information session in September.

Steps to become a Digital Leader:

  1. Register interest
  2. Attend the Information session in September

Please note – steps one and two are part of the pre-recruitment process. Selected students will be recruited after the information session and will then go on to attend the paid training workshops to become a Digital Leader.

Contact Us

If you have further questions regarding the Digital Leaders programme, you can get in touch by contact the Disruptive Media Learning Lab by emailing: