The Digital Leaders

This year, we have 11 Digital Leaders working on 4 different projects.

LoggedOn: Go Beyond LinkedIn

Digital Leaders: Janine Diva, George Adams, Anna Migliari, Dominika Szot
Staff lead: Holly Singleton
On 29th March, the LoggedOn project group held a 1 hour careers workshop for their fellow students. During the hour, they explored digital employability online, including discussing techniques students could use to seek work in one of three different industry areas/sectors: Creative, Academic and Technical. The project team and workshops participants shared tips on using networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to build on online portfolio to showcase their work to potential employers. The group also produced a website, which you can find at

Webcam stickers/online privacy project

Digital Leaders: Ruhi Rahimun and Georgijs Lavrinovics
Staff lead: Holly Singleton
Did you know it’s possible to remotely turn your computer’s webcam without you noticing? Our Digital Leaders do and they want to help you keep your privacy – so they’ve produced some great stickers you can place over your webcam. Look out for their stall in The Hub in May – you could get a free webcam sticker and more information on keeping safe online.

Creative branding project

Digital Leaders: Shafa Rahimun, Anastasiia Romanova, Marta Bogdanis, Ting Zhang
Staff lead: Michelle Bond
This project is all about branding for those working, or who want to work, in creative industries. In May, the group will be hosting a guest speaker to talk about how they have built their brand to achieve success in their industry. This will be followed with a workshop to enable participants to get to know and build their personal brand. The workshop will be supported by a website full of articles with top tips for successful branding.

Poster project

Digital Leader: Elizabeth Summerfield
Staff lead: Holly Singleton

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